my movie 5

I decided to focus on myself a subject for this series, and my intention was to show myself in a way that made me feel vulnerable and slightly comfortable at the same time. I wanted to create a feeling where the viewer thinks they just paused a short film to go get their popcorn and they accidentally left the subtitles on. So instead of these images being solely photographs, I wanted to create an illusion that they’re film stills (even though they aren’t). (The title is a joke about how when people export videos made in iMovie, the application generates a description for the video that usually says “My Movie [number]”)

exploring erotic photography

This past semester at Parsons School of Design, I created a series intended to explore the point that Roland Barthes makes on erotic photography that a photograph doesn’t have to necessarily show sexual organs for the image to be pornographic in theory.

collage series 2

One collage a day based on a thesis: Through the medium of musical theatre/musicals, mental illness is strived to be portrayed without a stigma while viewers are meant to personally connect with the art whether they can deeply relate or not, and within the shows Dear Evan Hansen and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, the musicals successfully take the seriousness of depression, anxiety, suicide, and borderline personality disorder and intersperses comedy through the stories.

collage series

One collage a day for six days. Two rules: 1. Include at least one thing I felt was funny and 2. Include one full image that wasn't obstructed in any way